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Practice Policy

Appointments are necessary for all visits. Referrals if necessary must be on file prior to an evaluation. Patients will not be seen without a valid referral unless by healthcare plan regulations and patients agreement, the patient signs a waiver of insurance obligations indicating that the patient is responsible for payment for the visit. Co pays and deductibles are due the day of your visit and will be collected when you come in for your appointment.

Please be advised that there will be a $25.00 charge for any established patient who does not show up for a scheduled appointment

All calls to our practice are answered 24 hours a day. If you request to speak to a physician, the call will be returned by your physician or another member of the practice. Calls that should be answered in less than 30 minutes should require a call to 911 and transfer to a hospital emergency department preferably Staten Island University Hospital, North or South. Doctors will return routine calls the same day in almost all cases. Blocked phones will result in significant delays.
Prescriptions will be renewed at the time of your office visit.
All prescriptions will be sent electronically to the local or mail away pharmacy which you have provided to us. Therefore, it is important that you notify us of any changes in your preferred pharmacy. Prescriptions written by another physician (other than Staten Island Pulmonary Associates) will not be renewed.
Notes will be issued only if the patient has been seen at Staten Island Pulmonary Associates or taken care of by phone.
Jury duty exemptions will be issued only in cases of severe disability.
Forms will be completed according to guidelines mandated by the state motor vehicle authority.
The physicians at Staten Island Pulmonary Associates take an active role in creating practice protocols and office procedures. If you have a complaint, please bring it to the attention of our Officer Manager, Elizabeth Buckley. Please be advised that abusive language or behavior will never be tolerated.
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